Fiscal Experts
A1 Adjustment Claim No. 1
A2 Adjustment Claim No. 2 - i.e., funding ratio changed at state level
A-87 OMB Circular - Cost Principles for State and Local Governments
A-102 OMB Circular - Uniform Administrative Requirement for Grants and cooperative Agreements with State
and Local Governments
A-122 Cost Principles for Non-Profit Organizations
A-128 OMB Circular - Single Audit Act - federally mandated financial audit performed annually to States and
Counties to verify sound financial practices
AAP Adoption Assistance Program
AB Assembly Bill
ABAWD Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents
ABD Aged, Blind, and Disabled
ABD-MN Aged, Blind, and Disabled - Medical Needy
ACF Administration for Children and Families
ACIN All County Information Notice
ACL All County Letter
AFIRM Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match (LA only)
APD Advance Planning Document
APS Adult Protective Services
AU Assistance Unit
AUD Audited
BCP Budget Change Proposal
C1 Close Out Claim No. 1
C2 Close Out Claim No. 2
CalWORKs California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids
CA-CPI California Consumer Price Index
CalWIN California Welfare Integrated Network
CAP Cost Allocation Plan
CAPI Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants
CAPIT Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment (Grant)
CCAP Countywide Cost Allocation Plan
CCDBG Child Care and Development Block Grant
CCL Community Care Licensing
CDE California Department of Education
CDHS California Department of Health Services
CDSS California Department of Social Services
CEC County Expense Claim
CECD County Expense Claim Database
CFAB County Financial Analysis Bureau
CFAP California Food Assistance Program
CFL County Fiscal Letter
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CMIPS Case Management Information and Payrolling System
CMS Case Management System
CMSP County Medical Services Program
CNI California Necessities Index
CODB Cost of Doing Business
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
CPI Consumer Price Index
CSBG County Service Block Grant
CSU County Systems Unit
CTO Compensating Time Off
CWD County Welfare Department
CWDA County Welfare Directors’ Association
CWS Child Welfare Services
CWS/CMS Child Welfare Services/Case Management System
CY Calendar Year (January through December)
CYA California Youth Authority
DA District Attorney
DADP Department of Alcohol and Drug Program
DCA Division of Cost Allocation
DFA Department of Food and Agriculture
DGS Department of General Services
DHHS (U.S.) Department of Health and Human Services
DHS Department of Health Services
DMS Department of Mental Health
DSD Direct Service Delivery
EA Emergency Assistance
EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer
EDD Employment Development Department
ED/PP Early Detection and Prevention Program
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EFD/P Early Fraud Detection/Prevention
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
EPSDT Early Periodic Screening & Diagnostic Treatment
ER Emergency Response
ERAS Employment Retention and Advancement Services
ERDP Employment Readiness Demonstration Project
ESC Emergency Shelter Care
ESL English as a Second Language
EW Eligibility Worker
FAADS Financial Analysis And Data Systems - a subcommittee of the CWDA Fiscal Committee
FC Foster Care
FFA Foster Family Agency
FFH Foster Family Home
FFM Fleeing Felon Match
FFP Federal Financial Participation
FFY Federal Fiscal Year (October through September)
FMAP Federal Medi-Cal Assistance Percentage
FNS Food and Nutrition Service
FPB Fiscal Policy Bureau
FPP Family Preservation Program
FS Food Stamp
FSET Food Stamp Employment and Training
FTE Full Time Equivalent
FY Fiscal Year (July - June)
GA General Assistance
GAIN Greater Avenues for Independence
GDSA Guide Dog Special Allowance
GH Group Home (See FC)
GR General Relief
HAP Homeless Assistance Payment
HHSDC Health and Human Services Data Center
HR Health Related
IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement
ICR Indirect Cost Rate
ICRP Indirect Cost Rate Proposal
IEC Incentive Expenditure by Assistance and Non-Assistance Categories
IEVS Income and Eligibility Verification System
IHSS In-Home Supportive Services
ILP Independent Living Program
IP Individual Provider
IPC Incentive Expenditure by Program Category
IRCA Immigration Reform and Control Act
ISAWS Interim Statewide Automated Welfare System
ISF Internal Service Fund
ISM In-kind Support and Maintenance
JE Journal Entry
JV Journal Voucher
KinGAP Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment
LAN Local Area Network
LANS Local Area Network System (linked PCs)
LEADER Los Angeles Eligibility, Automated Determination, Evaluation, and Reporting System
MAA Medi-Cal Administrative Activities
MAO Medi-Cal Assistance Only
M&O or M/O Maintenance and Operations
MAGIC Merced Automated Global Information and Control System
MEDI-CAL California Medical Assistance Program/Medicaid
MEDS Medi-Cal Eligibility Data Systems
MNO Medical Needy Only
MO Maintenance Of Effort
MOE Maintenance Of Effort
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPI Minor Parent Investigation
MPP Manual of Policy and Procedures
NAFS Non-Assistance Food Stamp Program
NCP Non-Custodial Parent
NMOHC Non-Medical Out of Home Care
NNR Non-Needy Caretaker Relative
NPM Nationwide Prisoner Match
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making
OC Original Claim
OCOP Other County Only Program
OHC Out-of-Home Care
OJT On-the-Job Training
OM Overmatch
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OS Other Shift
PA Public Assistance
PAFS Public Assistance Food Stamps
PC Program Code
PCAB Proposed County Administrative Budget
PCD Program Code Description
PCSP Personal Care Services Program
PCU Program Code Update
PI Performance Incentives
PIN Program Identifier Number
PL Public Law
PP Permanent Placement
PRF Program Request Form
PRUCOL Permanently Residing (in the U.S.) Under Color of Law
PSSF Promoting Safe and Stable Families
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quality Control
RCA Refugee Cash Assistance
RESS Refugee Employment Social Services
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
RISP Reduced Income Supplemental Program
RMR Regional Market Rate
RMTS Random Moments Time Study
RRP Refugee Resettlement Program
SAVE Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement
SAWS Statewide Automated Welfare System
SB Senate Bill
SCC Supplemental Child Care
SCIAP Specialized Care Incentives and Assistance Program
SCO State Controller’s Office
SCP Special Circumstances Program
SDI State Disability Income
SED Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
SF Shift
SFIS Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System
SFY State Fiscal Year (July through June)
SGF State General Fund
SLIAG State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant
SOC Share of Costs
SOCAT State Of California Automated Template or Southern Counties Automated Template
SPMP Skilled Professional Medical Personnel
SRT Sharing Ratio Table
SSC Support Staff Code
SSI/SSP Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment
SSP Separate State Programs
SSTRP Support Staff Time Reporting Plan
STAP Specialized Training for Adoptive Parents
STEP Supportive Transitional Emancipation Program
STOP Supportive Therapeutic Options Program
SUO State Use Only codes
TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
T/C Time Certify
TOE Type of Expense
TPD Teen Pregnancy Disincentive
TS Time Study
TSC Time Study Code
VACS Ventura Automated Collection System
WCDS Welfare Case Data System
WFI Welfare Fraud Investigator
WIA Workforce Investment Act
W&IC Welfare and Institution Code
WTW Welfare To Work (TANF, Federal Grant)
WtW Welfare to Work (State match grant)